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World's Smallest Remote Control Cars
  • Moves front, back and does awesome 360 turns
  • Real rubber racing tires
  • Wireless long-range remote
Priced at $9.99
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Around the offices of, these little toys are the new hit. Once Robert got his hands on one, he knew he had a winner.

They call them the "World's Smallest Radio Control Car," and they ain't kidding - only 4 - inches long! And with the 27-MHz remote control, these little babies have one heck of a range! From one end of the office, Robert can make the little racecar chase Lisa all over the place at least until she takes it away from him.

These cars are completely wireless. The two-function remote makes the cars go straight and reverse-turn in a 360-degree circle.

There are four cool racing styles to choose from, and all four use two AA-type batteries and one 9-volt battery (not included).

This is the perfect thing for someone who's cooped up in an office all day and just needs to unwind, or a stocking stuffer for your favorite racer!

And remember, as with all our gifts, you can have a personalized card sent with your order (or not if you're getting it for yourself)!

We only have a few of these "World's Smallest Remote Control Cars" available, so get yours today before they zoom away!

GiftCrazy donates 10% of all sales to the Navajo Evangelical Lutheran Mission. Please check out our "About Us" section for more information on the mission.
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