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Need the perfect gift for Aunt Minnie who lives alone in a house full of kitsch? This is just the thing to keep her from writing you out of her will! One of these lamps (better a dozen) will convince Aunt Minnie that you are her favorite niece or nephew.

Each lamp has a silver tone metal base with a translucent shade which has a 3D look when the lamp is turned on. Convection currents from the warm bulb cause the shade to turn. Aunt Minnie will think it is magic.

You have three styles to choose from: Tropical Fish, Butterflies and Flowers. You can choose whichever you like or mix and match.

GiftCrazy donates 10% of all sales to the Navajo Evangelical Lutheran Mission. Please check out our "About Us" section for more information on the mission.

Fill Your Room with Magic

This 3D Lamp Creates a Magical Effect
Wonderful Things Happen
When You Turn It On.

Now ONLY $9.99
3D Lamp
These unique lamps have a 3D look when lamp is turned on. Each one comes with a 60-watt bulb  and a silver metal base. As the lamp stays on, the heat from the bulb causes the shade to turn. There are three styles to pick from, Tropical Fish, Butterflies and Flowers. Mix and match or pick your favorite!
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