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Gehl Force

Lisa and Robert Gehl live in Plainfield, IL, with their hyper dog and lethargic cat (doing their part to promote a cosmic balance).

Their company, Gehl Force, Ltd., specializes in finding unique gifts and seasonal items for home and office.

They plan to upgrade and update this website often in addition to updating and enhancing our inventory, so check back frequently.

Lisa also spends much of her time gardening and is planning to launch a gardening website soon (we'll keep you updated here).

When Robert isn't fretting over this site, he's busy reading, writing and working on other business ventures.

This site was created by Susan Allen Morgan of transNETMediaSM LLC, in whom Robert and Lisa owe a debt of gratitude. All the photographs and some of the editorial copy on the site comes courtesy of Lee Gehl, Robert's dad and an accomplished photographer in Phoenix, AZ

If you want to contact Lisa or Robert personally, e-mail them at or Their toll-free number to place an order or ask any questions is 1-800-917-4345. Or simply fill out the feedback form below.

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The Navajo Evangelical Lutheran Mission:

GiftCrazy donates 10% of all sales (or commissions, whichever is appropriate) to the Navajo Evangelical Lutheran Mission. The Mission is a non-profit, 501(c)(3) organization that provides much-needed services to people who live on the Navajo Indian Reservation. Services include education, medical services, school-aged nursing, food, clothing and spiritual counseling. For more information on the mission and the valuable services they provide, contact them directly at 928-659-4202.

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